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  • Five pages
  • Menu on the left or top
  • Pictures, Email link
  • Update options - the site must be updated regularly
  • and most importantly
  • Very Simple

Having representation on the internet is essential for any business. Your prospective and loyal customers want to feel confident when it comes to you and your products. They want to know what your business does and who they are dealing with, and the easiest way is to have your information available at their fingertips with a successful website.
You need to think about what you want the site to achieve. For example, a tile warehouse may want to encourage people to visit the warehouse, while a sporting club wants to have the weekly results of their games accessible to their players and officials.

logo   UPDATES

  • Revive out-dated sites
  • Make-overs
  • Latest newsletters added
  • Better Search results
  • Update options - weekly, monthly, quarterly
  • and of course
  • Very Simple

Your site hasn't been updated for a while. The chap who used to do it left or doesn't do it anymore, or it just got overlooked.
Out of date information on your window to the world could reflect badly on your business.
We can help you to avoid this and let you get on with better things!

→  Please see these clients' websites for examples of work done.
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Last updated 21st February 2014

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